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Which hypnotherapy training course is best ?

Do YOU want the best hypnotherapy training courses ? Let us help, with impartial advice and many courses to choose from, we can help you train for a career in hypnotherapy.This is the only impartial site that lists hypnosis training courses where you can safely train for a career as a hypnotherapist. There is a great deal of information to consider when you choose a hypnotherapy training course. Pick the right  course and you can look forward to a fulfilling, rewarding career that is both exciting and fascinating. With so many courses to choose from, how do you know which one fulfils YOUR needs the best. This page is designed to give you impartial advice, to help you make an informed decision as training in hypnotherapy is something that will require careful thought on your part. Consider all the information on this page carefully BEFORE making a decision. Are you considering this to be a hobby or as a new career in total? Do you only want to train as close to home as possible or are you prepared to travel more? Do you prefer to train as part of a larger school/college or would a smaller more personal course suit you better? What level training are you looking for- relatively easy or something more challenging for your skills? Have you considered what specific elements you want to learn -such as pure hypnotherapy,  NLP, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy for pain relief, etc. Some courses are aimed specifically at qualified medical professionals so wont suit everyone for example. Wherever you do take a course, im sure you will hear more of the people featured above and below:

Why Undertake A Hypnotherapy Course?

Hypnotherapy is ever growing in popularity. It is gaining more and more credibility in mainstream medicine, partly due to the advances in brain scanning technology which clearly shows how hypnosis can change the brain. Training to be a hypnotherapist can be one of the best decisions you ever made. You can be your own boss, you can actually help change peoples lives, you can look forward to being at work! It is important though to make the right decisions from the start- this can save you a lot of hassle and heartache later on, not to mention that your finances may need to be considered in the early stages. As a qualified hypnotherapist you can feel proud to know that you are really making a difference in someones life. Ask yourself a few questions: If you were looking for help with a problem, what are the key things you would look for when choosing a therapist? Would you consider what organisations the person is associated with? What about qualifications, previous backgrounds, etc etc. This ‘reverse engineering’ type of thinking can help you see what appeals to you the most when you think about these things you can adjust your own criteria for choosing a hypnotherapy training course or even studying hypnotherapy training online might suit you better.

What Therapists work, is the course based upon?

There are many well known therapists, the ones your course will refer to may differ but its vital that you gain a sound understanding of where a lot of the stuff you will learn actually comes from.

This will form the backbone of your basis as a hypnotherapist, then you can tailor your own form of ‘how to do hypnotherapy’. What a dull place it would be if we all practiced the same way, robot style. Milton Erickson is highly regarded ( and rightly so). Erickson developed hypnosis into so much more than it was. He understood that conversational hypnosis ( a client might not even realise they had been ‘hypnotised’) was at least as (if not more) effective than the standard induction methods. Erickson is a legend and when you understand how much his work influences therapists today you can see why. Gil Boyne- he famously stated that much of peoples problems stem from not feeling loved enough. The list goes on, Elman, Freud often gets mentioned even if its only to be poked fun at, which incidentally does not take away from his genius. Ask before you join a course then you can read up and get some inside knowledge which can make training easier. Many also ask, exactly what is hypnotherapy ? Well your hypnotherapy certification can give you their own spin on that as opinions on what exactly hypnosis is can differ!

A Word About Regulation

Although at this present time, hypnosis is not officially regulated, it is sad but true to say that people can buy hypnotherapy qualifications over the internet. It is hoped that in time this will change and that the public can be sure that they will only see a hypnotherapist who is adequately trained and properly regulated. In the meantime, i can tell you that most clients who are looking for hypnotherapy, want to know that their therapist is accountable for as much as possible. The government has set up the CNHC (the complementary and natural healthcare council), and the department of health recommend that you only choose a therapist who is registered with the CNHC. This is a matter of choice for the therapist though, no one has to join. To be a member of most of the governing organisations; you have to be qualified to a minimum level, be insured and usually have to have supervision at an agreed ratio. There may also be other criteria to fulfil:

-Is there any emphasis on building a practice?Many hypnotherapists are just that, they have no idea how to market themselves, or to build a successful practice.

-Who is the marking of the coursework validated by? Most courses are accredited to at least some degree of usefulness.

-Does it offer specialist courses in addition/included in the price? There might be discounts if you take certain courses with your college

-What about recommended hypnotherapy listings- such as hypnotherapy directory, natural therapy for all etc. As a potential trainee you want to know you will be making the right advertising choices form the start.

-Does it aim for  CNHC or UKCP regulation if that concerns you?

-Are there any key individuals who are affiliated to the course provider?

-NOS (national occupation standards), this might be of interest to you.

-Affiliations to universities- for further training at degree level

There are other things to be aware of too, but any good course will highlight these for you.

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